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Sheet fed die cutting

Gyromag has a wide variety of die cutters that all allow for easy and high quality sheet fed die cutting. Working with our machines brings you many advantages and allows you to make the best possible end product. We have over 30 years of experience in the best sheet fed die cutting technology worldwide.

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Custom-made solutions

Easy and fast sheet fed die cutting

At Gyromag we have many machines that allow easy and fast sheet fed die cutting, like our DFC die-cutter, DFCX die-cutter, OFC die-cutter, OFCX die-cutter and custom made solutions. For offline or inline applications we can offer you custom made equipment according to your requirements. You can fill in our contact form for a detailed quote about our die cutters and all their advantages. Each of our die cutters has its own technical specifications. All our products are of high quality and accuracy to meet all your company’s requirements.

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Gyromag operates worldwide, for contact information of our agents in the world you can visit our contact page. For any other questions about Gyromag or our products you can contact the head office at: +31 55 35 60 853 or email us at: info@gyromag.eu