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Rotary perforating machine

Gyromag is active on an international scale to help graphic businesses find the right rotary perforating machine. We provide the best die cutting machines available on the market. Our high-end machinery is built with great attention to detail, using advanced techniques and raw materials of high quality.

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A rotary perforating machine created using excellent technology

Ever since the founding of our company, we have been investigating the demands of our customers in order to be able to keep living up to these demands. The result of this continuous investigation and development, is a rotary perforating machine that works according to excellent technology. This technology provides our clients with many benefits, such as perforating automatically at a low cost, with little waste and with a quick set-up time. Our rotary perforating machine is able to process different types of materials, among which cardboard and A4 paper.

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Would you like to receive more information about our rotary perforating machine? For instance because you want to know whether this equipment suits your purpose? Our agents are located all over the world and are more than happy to assist you. Reach out to us via the contact form, by phoning +31 55 35 60 853 or by sending an email to info@gyromag.eu. We are happy to be at your service for any electronic cutting machine you are looking for.