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A large die cutting machine: RD-6181 DIE CUTTER

The RD-6181 die cutter is a large cutting machine which is specifically designed for the demanding offset printer and the high volume digital market. The machine is equipped with all the necessary features for a trouble free high-performance operation. The fast make-ready-time allows very short run jobs as well. This large cutting machine covers the entire range of die cutting, up to 0.6 millimeters thickness.

The advantages of our large cutting machine

There are many advantages you benefit from, when opting for our large cutting machine:

  • No skilled operator is required
  • Professional cutting and creasing results
  • Operating errors are virtually eliminated by a fixed cutting gap
  • Safe to operate
  • Very fast set up time, maximum of three minutes for the die cutting section
  • Low waste of maximum five sheets
  • Long lifecycle of dies
  • Low tooling costs
  • Print mark register standard
  • Standard pile feeder with tail separator
  • No waste switch required for late arriving sheets from feeder
  • No tool operation
  • PC control system with motion controller
  • Job storage function
  • Material range up to 0.6 millimeters thickness
  • Solid construction
  • Maintenance free

Description in detail

The RD-6181, our large cutting machine, is specifically designed for the offset printer. The fast make ready of the machines allows both very short run and long run jobs. No specifically trained staff is required for running these machines! All operators from the finishing department will be capable of running this machine after a proper explanation of the functions.

The machine is equipped with all the necessary features for a trouble free, fast operation. The large cutting machine is standard equipped with a pile feeder, print mark register control and both a standard hardened anvil and a magnetic anvil. For cutting, only the hardened steel anvil is used with a simple cutting plate on the magnetic top cylinder. Creasing jobs require a counter line. In this case, a magnetic anvil cylinder is used with two flexible dies: the top die with the cutting lines and male creasing lines, and the bottom die with the anvil lines and the female counter creasing line. For the companies that frequently change between the two types of jobs, a double anvil version large cutting machine is also available.

A perfect cut is guaranteed

The two anvil cylinders are mounted in a carrousel and can be changed automatically after removal of the dies. The cylinders run with a fixed gap that assures perfect cutting. The fixed cutting gap of the large cutting machine avoids operator errors that might damage the flexible die. The register control has two optical sensors, one for sheet detection and one for print detection. Offset printed jobs can run on sheet edge, digital printed jobs on print mark register. The solid construction of the large cutting machine offers reliability, a fast make ready and virtually no waste.


Output modules available

  • High pile delivery
  • Automatic waste stripper

Technical specifications

Max. sheet size in mm 720 x 520 mm
Min. sheet size in mm 220 x 220 mm
Min. paperweight in gr/m2 115 gr/m2, lower weights possible with adaptations
Max thickness substrate in mm 0,6 mm
Feeder pile
Stack height in mm 600
Standard Die thickness 0,8 mm
Circumferential register 360°
Max. Speed in sheets/hour 10.000
Type of cut Entire cut and/or kiss cut
Type of anvil hardened steel for die cutting only and/or magnetic for cutting and creasing
Front and side lay offset reference sides are respected


Large buffer area on reception belt
sliding door for easy access
Sufficient space for automatic waste removal

Get in touch with our agent in your region

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