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Flexible die cutter

At Gyromag, we offer the best flexible die cutter machines available on the international market. We are even capable of designing a custom (digital) flexible die cutter that will meet any specific requirements you may have. Thanks to our more than thirty years of experience in this field, you are always ensured of excellent equipment to help you improve your business.

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Cut through, kiss through, emboss and crease with our flexible die cutter

When you are looking for a digital die cutter that performs any job, from cutting through to creasing, our flexible machines are the right choice. Our digital, flexible die cutter allows you to cut through, kiss through, emboss and crease all types of materials. By putting the die on the magnetic cylinder, you can process regular or irregular shaped products with materials ranging from paper and cardboard to laminated foils. For this reason, our flexible die cutting machine is an excellent choice for your business operations. Of course, each and every one of our machines is made of high-quality materials as we only offer the best die cutting machines.

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Whether you run your die cutting jobs inline or offline, we always offer a suitable die cutter for your purpose. Feel free to fill in our contact form should you wish to receive additional information about our services or would like to request a quote for a digital, flexible die cutter. For any other questions, please reach out to our headquarters by phoning +31 55 35 60 853 or sending an email to info@gyromag.eu.