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A4 paper cutting machine

Looking for a supplier of an A4 paper cutting machine? Gyromag is your partner in the graphic industry. We have more than 30 years of experience in the printing and paper processing industry and continuously invest in the development of our machines. Therefore, our clients can rely on us if they need advice for making the right decision when buying the equipment needed.

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A4 paper cutting machine: different kinds of machines available

If you would like to buy an A4 paper cutting machine, you can choose for a DFC (Digital Flexible Cut) die cutter on the one hand or an OFC (Offset Flexible Cut) die cutter on the other hand. The DFC die cutter is specifically designed for the digital printer, while the OFC die cutter is more suitable for the demanding offset printer and the high volume digital market. Both cutters have their own advantages and it is dependent of your purpose which cutter you need. However, what these cutters have in common is a very fast setup time of just a couple of minutes, a solid construction and low tooling costs. You can find an extending description of our machines on our website.

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If you are about to order an A4 paper cutting machine but still doubting about which machine is the most suitable for you, you should call Gyromag for personal advice. Our technical specialists are more than willing to help you to choose the most suitable machine. Do not hesitate and call at +31 55 35 60 853 or send an email to info@gyromag.eu